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Six Sigma White Belt Certification - Self Study
Six Sigma White Belt Certification - Self Study
Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification - Self Study
Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification - Self Study
Six Sigma Green Belt Certification - Self Study
Six Sigma Green Belt Certification - Self Study
Six Sigma Black Belt Certification - Self Study
Six Sigma Black Belt Certification - Self Study
What Customers Are Saying
  • I had the great opportunity to be coached by Richard for a Six Sigma green belt project. I also followed his training and classes on BPM, Lean Management and Six Sigma-Green Belt. His level of enthusiasm in training and deep knowledge of those techniques pushed the whole group of students... more
    By: Roberto Alemanno
  • I worked with Richard on one of the biggest projects of 2010 at SG within minimal staff. Without Richard's expertise and guidance the project would not have been successful at all. Instead Richard's superior knowledge of project management and leadership gave us the edge to not only complete the... more
    By: Kareim Emam
  • Richard is an extremely knowledgeable and competent MBB capable of overseeing numerous complex projects concurrently. In addition, Richard is an extraordinary teacher who creates his own course material based on personal experience. He has an incredible ability to communicate complex ideas in a way that makes them easy to understand.... more
    By: Louis Ciccotto
  • Richard is the senior Regional Master Black Belt for SGCIB AMER and my Six Sigma Black Belt instructor and certification coach. Richard’s ability to take complex topics and translate them into easy to understand examples and practical application is amazing. He has built an easy to understand training program that... more
    By: Désiré de Souza
  • Richard is an excellent mentor and Director. He has taught me how to apply my Six Sigma experience to my current projects and he is an outstanding team player with uncanny work ethics. Individuals at all levels enjoy working with Richard (including myself) because he can relate with your work... more
    By: Michael Youssef
  • Rich is an excellent resource for Six Sigma methodologies and the various tools and techniques within that umbrella. His understanding and experience has been a valuable resource in the furthering of both the process improvement capabilities of our firm and my own Six Sigma knowledge.... more
    By: Patrick Mannion
  • Richard has been my Deputy Manager and Black Belt Instructor for the last year. Becoming a 6 Sigma Black Belt is definitely a huge achievement for my career and I could not expect a better instructor than Richard. Based on trainings, case study’s, Minitab exercises, actual projects executions and presentations,... more
    By: Thomas Chevallier
  • Richard has been my Master Black Belt Instructor and coach for 1 year now and it is a great experience. Richard is very knowledgeable and has a real talent when it comes to teaching and making intricate concepts accessible. He makes Six Sigma a thrilling subject. The teaching documentation he... more
    By: Sophie Vurpillot
  • My professional experience with Rich began when he was a senior instructor at an HSBC-sponsored Six Sigma Black Belt training program I attended. Further interaction occurred as he became a sounding board for my efforts in addition to my assigned Master Black Belt. Lastly, I have the pleasure of calling... more
    By: Barney Agate
  • Richard Hanzl repeatedly displayed, from the Floor where true work really happened to where the Senior Leadership Team met, a communicative style and leadership that drove all levels of accountability to meet customer needs while achieving business goals. ... more
    By: Chris Gray
  • Richard added great value as a Six Sigma project lead supporting my team. His effort helped facilitate internal communication at the highest levels to forward the project. He kept the group focused on the deliverables which resulted in project completion on time and achieving the forecasted save.... more
    By: Randy Gruenberg
  • I have worked with many excellent Six Sigma Black Belts and had the great pleasure of working with Rich Hanzl. Rich served as my main mentor in my Six Sigma training and showed me how to best organize the Six Sigma methodologies into workable solutions resulting in the superior results.... more
    By: Michael Stevens PMP, CSM, ITIL
  • Richard is a detail oriented individual with a passion for doing things correctly the first time. He is an excellent trainer and leads by example. I strongly recommend Richard and believe that he would be an asset to any organization or group.... more
    By: Will Kingsley
  • Many people have presented the tools and techniques of Six Sigma in many other seminars. Rich Hanzl significantly added value by organizing these techniques into a workable methodology and demonstration how it can be applied to produce the desired results. As a Six Sigma Master Black Belt who has... more
    By: Michael Giacalone, PMP, ITIL® Foundation
  • Rich is an intelligent and experienced change agent with great insight and a deep understanding of "process" and "systems". Not only does Rich bring this technical and business understanding to the table, he also has the ability to articulate and communicate concepts and ideas to lay people as well as... more
    By: Michael Ptasienski
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